why own cat?

Owning cat can give you long life and less stress,and if you happy your healthy can improves  a lot because happiness is  everything in life.  You don ‘t believe  how much I love my cat gave me  because he is so  friendly, and he like to play a lot and he like to rolled in the flowers and i say to him good job Oreo and goons willed  and  that how i know  he is so happy,  and i am happy for him that he is happy  and he   makes me so happy, and he is happy because any animals  can not say anything they just show how the feel.there for we have to show them the love we have for them by graving  them  a lot of love and induction  to that  i am always worried about him  that  i don t want to get hungry. So i have to buy him  a lot of food to keep them well. Also owning a cat can be a lot responsibility because when you planning to go away you have to find some one look after  your cat otherwise you might lose them and you well be so sad about your cat because they are like family to us. there for we need to be very caring toward them.