The story of Oreo

I would like to till you about Oreo story. How i got him and how have him and learning about him and what is like,and with hes differentiate behaviors and    that he  have many personally. which is can makes you make you  to say wow.Also sometimes is he can be very mischievousness  because  some thing is  the things he do  or  cars himself and acting very shy and some times nice and friendly toward me.therefor a i am so happy that he can do things that makes  laugh. so hard and fell so happy that i have him. The res anon  I got Oreo was i had so many rat in my house so was so  unhappy about what happen in the house so i was very unhappy and i started talking to my neaberas randy about what happen and he sayt i well give you one of kitty and you will be okay, and i say are you  surre he say  yes  and it was around 8 o’clock   i want to his house i get Oreo  and his was so anger that his was live his mom and dad  and i was so secad   and thinking what if he atack me but he did not. from there for word i love him so much everyday.If don’t seen him all day i stared miss him. Also one thing  about Oreo is when phone ring  he comes around  mowing  and hie seat around  me  and stead to  look at me while i am taking  on the phone so that makes me so unhappy because i can not lie to that i am not home. Anyway he is a lot fun too be with and i don ‘t feel a lone having him in my home and on rat around home too that so good because  i am really hate  the rat  in my house they are so bad they can eat everything they get.therefor  i should keep them in good  healthy to be around for a long time. Even though  comes with big res bally  that when you want go somewhere i have to have some one that can take care  of  him otherwise i will lose him on time.I had one before him and i was way  for 3 months and they people that i ask to look after my cat they gave him away with out my prim-ion and i  was so upset about the hole thing. I miss him so much because was very nice  and cat, but the one have new is so good looking to, i have very cute  one to so i am  very  happy that i get  another one  even thought  they they different